Phone Number +1 (604) 3512355

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British Columbia
Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
New Westminister
Cell Number

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Recent comments

A Ali, 2016-11-08 08:39:19

Phone number: +1 (604) 3512355

Rating: -5

Sent the following message: BEWARE SCAMMERS Your TD Canada Trust Account has been disabled. Login to our secure server to verify your information

FH, 2016-11-08 07:58:00

Phone number: +1 (604) 3512355

Rating: -5

Sends phone text about my Bank Acct being disabled and to log in to a website provided. Like hell my bank would send me that kind of notification via text. Save yourself trouble and delete as soon as you read text.

Ryan, 2016-11-08 05:56:38

Phone number: +1 (604) 3512355

Rating: -5

Scamming td bank with login, I'm not with td

Frank, 2016-11-08 05:40:36

Phone number: +1 (604) 3512355

Rating: -5

Total scam - DEFINITELY would not even visit the link! Report to police fraud unit!

brendan, 2016-11-08 02:21:20

Phone number: +1 (604) 3512355

Rating: -5

says my bank account has been disabled. it has not. definitely a scam site

DB, 2016-11-07 04:07:30

Phone number: +1 (604) 3512355

Rating: -5

Fraud number saying my td bank account has been suspended and to provide information through the link provided. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS

s patel, 2016-11-07 02:48:18

Phone number: +1 (604) 3512355

Rating: -5

has me bank account details, and send me a link in text message to LOG IN to my account, link takes to a fake Bank website.

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Recent comments

Anne Oakley, 2017-01-19 22:04:25

Number: +1 (587) 3166716

Rating: -3

Not sure this is a real person texting with me. Extra long breaks between responses and responses sending between words.

jer houston, 2017-01-19 21:55:59

Number: +1 (204) 2913801

Rating: -2

fellow goes by the name of allen lethbridge whos company owesa big debt to kiyoshi atsushi company in japan. He says he will sent you a partial payment to your address and you are to put it in your bank account, Then you are to forward the money to \japan. You are scammed out of a hundred grand.

Lun, 2017-01-19 17:03:20

Number: +1 (416) 6020454

Rating: 0

want to know who this number belongs to

Phoebe Johnson, 2017-01-19 13:51:26

Number: +1 (519) 3543269

Rating: 0

caliming to be someone else

Neelia, 2017-01-19 11:21:11

Number: +1 (587) 8801710

Rating: -1

This number keeps on texting me to Call the metropolitan with given numbers. Im trying to ask who are they but no reply...

Audrey, 2017-01-19 10:49:38

Number: +1 (514) 6065454

Rating: -5

Scam saying they are from scotia bank and my account has had some unusual activity. Don't bank with that bank

Stephen, 2017-01-19 07:29:30

Number: +1 (647) 9840934

Rating: -5


Shaun, 2017-01-18 20:52:06

Number: +1 (647) 7236331

Rating: -5

This number keeps calling me, I am in New Zealand, they keep asking me to make an investment, they are scamming people also.

Wayne, 2017-01-18 17:03:44

Number: +1 (416) 4791257

Rating: -3

Insurance Agent

Paul G, 2017-01-18 06:59:41

Number: +1 (514) 5929052

Rating: -5

Claiming they noticed unusual activity with my NON EXISTENT Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) account - BLOCKED

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