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We have prepared the database for you. The main purpose of this base is to give you reliable information about Canadian phone numbers. The database is always up-to-date and is ready to provide you with actual data. Here you can find any information concerning area codes: look at the our map or use the list.

For your convenience, we offer you:

  • listed by province;
  • llisted in numeric order.

Also, you can use search by number or search by city.

Canada Area Codes Map


833 844
855 866
877 888

Canadian Listed by Province

Alberta 403
British Columbia 236
Manitoba 204
New Brunswick 506
Newfoundland 709
Northwest Territories Nunavut Yukon 867
Nova Scotia 902
Ontario 226
Quebec 418
Saskatchewan 306

Listed in Numeric Order

204 Manitoba
226 Ontario
236 British Columbia
249 Ontario
250 British Columbia
289 Ontario
306 Saskatchewan
343 Ontario
365 Ontario
403 Alberta
416 Ontario
418 Quebec
431 Manitoba
437 Ontario
438 Quebec
450 Quebec
506 New Brunswick
514 Quebec
519 Ontario
579 Quebec
581 Quebec
587 Alberta
604 British Columbia
613 Ontario
639 Saskatchewan
647 Ontario
705 Ontario
709 Newfoundland
778 British Columbia
780 Alberta
807 Ontario
819 Quebec
867 Northwest Territories Nunavut Yukon
873 Quebec
902 Nova Scotia
905 Ontario

Nowadays phone frauds are widespread around the world. Anytime you can receive a call from unknown number. But how can fraudsters get to know your phone number? They can do it via:

  • social networks (people write everything about themselves on the Internet);
  • online surveys;
  • various sites where you share your number;
  • phishing sites that look like on-line stores.

Phone fraudsters use different causes for call. They can say that you win lottery prize or that they’re conducting a snap poll. Sometimes fraudsters can introduce themselves as radio staff, representatives of well-known companies, even your mobile operators or bank representatives. They can send you a message claiming themselves as your relatives who have changed their phone numbers.

Anyhow, they will try to swindle money out of your pocket. Some phone fraudsters can scare you that your relatives or friends are in trouble and they need your financial support. Besides, you can get messages from your “operator” who’ll ask you to confirm your phone number by sending SMS. Some phone fraudsters will blackmail and threaten you.

In order to avoid such negative experience, you can use our database of telephone numbers in Canada with number finder. Our project can help you to struggle against fraudsters. But we do not guarantee that our number database can help in all cases. However, it can allow you to find out whose phone number is displayed on your screen.

Using our service you can avoid telephone fraud due to reverse telephone lookup. We offer you to make a telephone number lookup for free. We grant you an opportunity to make a search by city or number. To make a search by city or by number, enter a 10-digit phone number or the city in the boxes above.

Canadian phone number reverse lookup is very convenient service that will help you to check a specific phone number and get a line on it. Moreover, due to reverse call lookup it is possible to get information concerning address of phone owner. Therefore, you will be able to find location by phone number and find address by phone number.

You can also help your relatives, your friends and other people to find the fraudsters if you provide a feedback on a specific number and leave a comment. It will help a great amount of people not to fall into the trap of phone fraudsters. Take care and use the Canadian codes list.

Recent comments

Busylady, 2020-09-25 02:33:43

Number: +1 (289) 275-6530

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

goes on dating websites and then asks for money .

yvone, 2020-09-22 07:12:21

Number: +1 (514) 613-3153

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

This number keep sent messaging me in French that my daughter name AYA is absent Sep. 22, 2020.
Sorry but this number is scammer.

Bernard Nickerson, 2020-09-17 15:00:38

Number: +1 (780) 932-3321

Call type: Unknown

Rating: 0

Txt msg. from the above # wishing me a happy birthday.

mike cunt, 2020-09-16 05:17:46

Number: +1 (613) 556-0508

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

this guy is a moron

Vaughn McGregor, 2020-09-13 03:12:46

Number: +1 (807) 622-1938

Call type: Telemarket

Rating: -1

A telemarketer trying to sell security systems.

James Smith, 2020-09-11 02:46:15

Number: +1 (709) 689-5915

Call type: Scam

Rating: -3

CRA scam threatening legal action if we don't speak to them immediately.

EA, 2020-09-09 11:45:46

Number: +1 (800) 979-5256

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

I received a call from this number and I believe it is a SCAMMER. He said the call is from RCMP investigation department and required to contact them as soon as possible regarding my Social Insurance Number.

concerned, 2020-09-09 10:46:45

Number: +1 (613) 618-5534

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

almost daily call. same1st 7 digits and changes the last 4 digits: example : 1 613 618 5534, 1 613 618 9014, 1 613 618 3606,
1 613 618 3112, 1 613 618 6203, 1 613 618 6843, 1 613 618 3507, 1 613 618 2668, 1 613 618 5333, etc.

JP, 2020-09-09 01:15:35

Number: +1 (647) 696-8056

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -5

Recieved text from this number saying I called him. He wanted to know who I was and where I lived etc. Very strange. Kept messaging. I blocked the number.

Dalia, 2020-09-01 03:53:13

Number: +1 (519) 741-1710

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -5

Received a call from this number and I believe it is a scam caller. Some type of illegal activity maybe at play

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