List of Ontario area codes

226 Area Code
249 Area Code
289 Area Code
343 Area Code
365 Area Code
416 Area Code
437 Area Code
519 Area Code
613 Area Code
647 Area Code
705 Area Code
807 Area Code
905 Area Code

Canada is a federation state in North America. It is one of the largest countries in the world. This state comprises three territories and ten provinces. Ontario is one of the Canadian provinces. It is the most densely-populated territory. More than 1/3 of Canadians live in this province. Also, Ontario has landed the second spot on the list of provinces with the largest territory in Canada. Ottawa is the capital of this province, and all of Canada. Ontario is on the border of the Manitoba province to the west, Hudson and James Bays to the north, and Quebec to the east. Also, Ontario is on the border of the United States to the south. Ontario’s land area is close to 1,077,000 km2. Sometimes this province can be divided into two parts: Southern Ontario and Northern Ontario.

We are glad to help you find detailed information about phone numbers and Ontario area codes. Our services are specially created for that purpose. Thirteen area codes are used in Ontario, as it is the most populated province. More than 13,000,000 people live in Ontario.

226 is the area code serving most of Ontario’s southwestern parts, as well as an area code 519.

249 is the area code used for northeastern and central parts of this province. It overlays with the area code 705.

289 is the area code used for the Niagara Peninsula and the suburb of the Greater Toronto Area. It is also used for Oshawa. It is used in conjunction with the area codes 365 and 905.

343 is the area code of Ottawa. It also serves for the eastern part of Ontario. This area code works with area code 613.

416 is Toronto’s area code. It serves with the area code 647. Also it overlays with the area code 437.

437 is the area code used for Toronto.

613 is the area code that works in conjunction with the area code 343.

807 is the area code serving for the northwestern part of Ontario.

905 is used with such area codes as 289 and 365.

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