Belleville Area Code

Belleville area codes can be hard to recognize when receiving a call from out of town. In fact, you probably find it pretty worthless to memorize such nominal things when there’s bigger fish to fry in your day-to-day life. Let our lookup phone number in Belleville database take care of this unnecessary headache for you and at the same time give you peace of mind knowing who is calling you.

343 Area Code
613 Area Code

Once you’ve identified the Belleville area code of interest to you, allow us to dig even deeper for you by identifying whether the six-number Belleville phone code is associated with a business, government entity, or individual. Belleville phone numbers don’t have to be such a mystery when you have the right resource at your side. By using our service, you will never be fraught with paranoia and uneasiness, wondering who is going to be on the other end of the line.

Belleville Phone Codes

Prefix Primary city Company Usage
+1 (343) 263 Belleville Telus Mobility Cell Number
+1 (343) 270 Belleville Comwave Networks Landline
+1 (343) 355 Belleville Telus Integrated Communications Landline
+1 (343) 362 Belleville Telus Integrated Communications Landline
+1 (343) 600 Belleville Iristel Inc. Landline
+1 (613) 920 Belleville Bell Mobility Cell Number
+1 (613) 919 Belleville Bell Mobility Cell Number
+1 (613) 902 Belleville Iristel Inc. Landline
+1 (613) 885 Belleville Telus Mobility Cell Number
+1 (613) 849 Belleville Bell Canada Landline
+1 (613) 848 Belleville Bell Mobility Cell Number
+1 (613) 921 Belleville Bell Mobility Cell Number
+1 (613) 922 Belleville Bell Mobility Cell Number
+1 (613) 961 Belleville Bell Canada Landline
+1 (613) 962 Belleville Bell Canada Landline
+1 (613) 966 Belleville Bell Canada Landline
+1 (613) 967 Belleville Bell Canada Landline
+1 (613) 968 Belleville Bell Canada Landline
+1 (613) 969 Belleville Bell Canada Landline
+1 (613) 847 Belleville Bell Canada Landline

Recent comments

kb, 2019-12-12 11:23:48

Number: +1 (204) 400-2426

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

I keep getting calls from this person linked to an online trading site and posing as a broker. Wants me to pay $250.00 U.S. to close an account with this company called CCX Markets. The person has a german accent and says he's from Switzerland. Very annoying.

Julie, 2019-11-26 16:04:55

Number: +1 (519) 965-0711

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -5

Called my phone at midnight. Did not answer. Busy signal on answering machine. No message left.

SD, 2019-11-20 09:43:33

Number: +1 (705) 471-0073

Call type: Survey

Rating: 5

This number called and claimed to be a direct land line - though it is posted by you as a cell phone - for Canada Stats.

Vicky, 2019-11-20 00:25:54

Number: +1 (613) 209-6806

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

They left a voice message saying they were from Canada Revenu Agency and if I didn't call back they would intent a law suit against me.

Lynne, 2019-11-18 05:07:48

Number: +1 (604) 434-4845

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -3

Got this call at 6.30't answer..From Vancouver (3.30 their time)...Telus
Also get regular calls between 7 - 7:30 a.m. from a Visa scam. The Bank says it is from overseas and they can't do anything about it....

RC, 2019-11-18 05:04:51

Number: +1 (289) 381-0248

Call type: Telemarket

Rating: -1

I answered the phone and got the usual telemarketer dead-air. After a couple of seconds a man with an Indian accent came on and said "Hello?" I hung up. He didn't call back.

Concerned Citizen, 2019-11-14 03:35:49

Number: +1 (613) 789-0262

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -5

This was a pre-recorded call with a woman speaking in mandarin over a soothing song. It just loops over and over.

It might be unsafe to accept the call.

Kelly Knights, 2019-11-11 06:24:55

Number: +1 (416) 419-8717

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -1

Didn't give me any information.

Bob, 2019-11-09 06:53:44

Number: +1 (226) 721-1066

Call type: Unknown

Rating: 0

I keep getting calls from this number and simply ignore it. does anyone know who belongs to it?

Earl Yeo, 2019-11-08 15:26:54

Number: +1 (844) 209-9516

Call type: Debt collector

Rating: -5

Answered this call and was advised it was something to do with Rogers. Advised the caller I had nothing to do with Rogers. The caller advised that they would keep calling. I returned the call to discover it it is a debt collection agency so I have since blocked this number on my phone. Since then I have received at least 20 or more calls from this same number which has been blocked and they are still calling.

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